Early Baroque

Slide No.1
Costume ball. Softer, looser look. Female - low whisk,
natural waist, large puffed sleeves. Male leaner look
plumed hat falling collar, longer hair, doublet high waist,
Venetians. Medallion cape on figure in foreground, baldric.

Slide No.2
Family group.
Elders in Elizabethan costume - cartwheel ruffs, beaver hats.
Younger - natural waist gown, low whisk, exposed laces at
stomacher. Padded sleeves, kiss curl hair. Falling collar, lace
cuffs, high waisted doublet, Venetians,bucket top boots with
socks cuffed over spurs. Merchant class Burghers.

Slide No.3
Robe (over skirt) Jupe (petticoat) low whisk,
low neck, and lace cuffs. 4 - 8 petticoats to push out skirt

Slide No.4
Falling ruff, beaver hat with brim cocked. Lace cuffs, doublet. Sash
as cape wrapped around middle. Van Dyke beard and moustache.

Slide No.5
3 Musketeers/Cavalier look. Plumed beaver hat with brim cocked.
Doublet slashing in upper body only. Falling collar and lace cuffs
baldric, shoes with bows and rosettes. Venetians, hose, gauntlet gloves.

Slide No.6
Pilgrims and Puritans conservative, beaver hat with buckle,
doublet,red sash is medallion cape tied at waist. Venetians,
bucket top boots, spurs, falling collar, gauntlet gloves, sword.
Woman - shaped bodice, falling collar and cuffs, pinner - apron.

Slide No.7

Slide No.8
Beaver hat, long hair, Van Dyke beard, falling
collar and cuffs, doublet baldric, gauntlet gloves, Venetians,
bucket top boots with socks showing, spurs, walking stick.

Slide No.9
Long hair, Van Dyke beard and moustache. Falling collar,
doublet high waist, slashing only in the upper body area, baldric.
Venetians, stockings cuffed over bucket top boots. Note: high heels
for men. Gauntlet gloves, walking stick, plumed beaver hat.

Slide No.10
Falling collar, lace cuffs, laced stomacher,
natural to high waist, somber tones.

Slide No.11
Spanish farthingale (guardinfante) wide hips.
This is the forerunner of Rococo style panniers
in the 1700's.Hurluberlu hair center part, blunt
cut at chin length, falling collar and lace cuffs.

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