Slide No.12
Beaver hats, falling collar, medallion capes.
Note: looser, wider breeches - petticoat breeches.
Shoes with rosettes & bows.
Slide No.13
Petticoat breeches. Note: all the ribbon trim in
red. Rochet a short jacket that exposes shirt
at waist. Bows on shoes, perwig/peruke - wigs.

Slide No.14
Petticoat breeches with ribbon trim.
Slide No.15
Tricorn hat with cockade, cravat at
neck, justacorps, petticoat breeches,
stockings, high-heeled shoes, perwig/peruke

Slide No.16
more lively colors on gowns.
Looser, more flowing fabrics,
low neck. Center part hair with
ringlets. Exposed laces at stomacher.
Slide No.17
Low-neck satin gowns, ruching at neck
(white edge), exposed laces at front.

Slide No.18
Pelisse/cassock - fur edged cape/coat.
Slide No.19
Assorted male figures in tricorn hats with a cockade.Periwigs.
Justacorps, Vest (waistcoat), breeches, stein Kirk cravat pulled
through a buttonhole, muff, walking stick, sword, handkerchief.

Slide No.20
Group outside a church. Figures in the foreground.
Male: justacorps,vest, shirt, cravat, petticoat
breeches, periwig. Woman: Manteau gown.
Slide No.21
Manteau gown - bodice with an eschelle
(stomacher), robe (overskirt), and jupe (petticoat).

Slide No.22
Manteau gown bodice with an eschelle. Robe and jupe. The robe is
bustled to the back and held in place with decorations, fontage hairstyle.
Slide No.23
Children are miniature adults.
Girl: manteau gown, fontage hairstyle.
Boy - wide cuffed justacorps, cravat, tricorn hat with
cockade, breeches, hose, shoes with decoration and heels.

Slide No.24
Men - Justacorps with wide cuffs, periwig, cravats;
Women - fontage hair, mantilla veils, and manteau gowns.

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