Slide No.56
Tebenna with clavi over a tunic/chiton.

Slide No.57
Tebenna , tunic, soft pointed shoes, tutulus hat.

Slide No.58
Tebenna with clavi (Dancer).

Slide No.59
Tebenna with clavi, colorful stolas, leather shoes.

Slide No. 60
Elaborate hair with laurel leaves, hair net, amber necklace.

Slide No.61
Colosseum - sites of gladiator vs. captives "game."

Slide No.62
Typical Roman couple stola/flammeum, toga over tunic.

Slide No. 63
Roman family - togas male/children; stola/palla women.

Slide No. 64
Toga over tunic, mappa (napkin) in
left hand and sceptor in right hand.

Slide No. 65
Tunic toga (note: clean
shaven face), pouch in front (umbo).

Slide No. 66
Toga picta/paludamentum worn by
General. Boy - collobium with clavi.

Slide No.67
Men - toga; women - palla over stola.

Slide No.68
Stola, palla fastened with a fibulae, solea (sandal).

Slide No.69
Colorful stola with a palla (wrap).

Slide No.70 - Stola and palla.

Slide No.71
Early Bikini - subligar/mamillare breast band and loin cloth.

Slide No.72
Roman Bride - veil flammeum, flower wreaths for hair,
women in stola , camisa, bride enveloped in a palla.

Slide No. 73
Portrait busts - removable hair sections to keep
up with changing hairstyles - dyed hair blonde, red.

Slide No.74
"Brutus" hair cut, clean shaven men.

Slide No.75
Roman General - cuirass/lorica,
breast plate, segmentae - shoulder decoration.

Slide No.76
Gladiator, fought in coliseum, brush top helmet.

Slide No.77
Assorted cuirass - armor styles.

Slide No. 78
Shoes and sandals, solea - sandals,
crepeda/calcei - shoes caligulas - boots

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