Dr. Nancy J. Bachman
Associate Professor of Biology
332 Science Building I
Office Hours: M 1-1:50 pm WF 12-12:50 pm
Office Phone:  (607) 436-3061
FAX:  (607) 436-3646
email: bachman@oneonta.edu


Biology 100 Modern Biology Fall 2013 (lab)
Biology 201 General Biology III Spring 2011 (lecture and lab)
Biology 207 Biology of Cancer  Spring 2014 (Fielhaber)
Biology 212 General Genetics  Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Biology 311 Human Genetics  Spring 2015
Biology 312 DNA Laboratory individual course enrollment
Biology 380 Cell Biology individual course enrollment

BIOL 100 Onion Mitosis Slides

Changing Genes Workshop

Nanotechnology Web Pages

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Justin's cool images of HeLa cells:  Left and right:  Olympus BX51 microscope/DP70 camera; Center:  Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope