Credit Courses

There are several opportunities to take Shitoryu Karate classes for credit.

Beginning Karate - PE 153

Beginning Karate is a three credit course that may be taken for a letter grade or pass/fail. There are usually two separate sections; one that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the other that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Times and the number of sections may vary from semester to semester. Both sections are held in the Dance Studio of the Chase Physical Education Building.

The Beginning Class concentrates on conditioning, basic techniques, and basic Katas. The student is required to have an all white Gi. For more information on the Beginning Class go to the Beginning Class Handout.

Intermediate Karate - PE 254

Intermediate Karate is a three credit course. Pre-requisites for taking this course are either Beginning Karate or permission of the instructor based on having studied karate at another school. There is only one section of this class and it meets twice per week Tuesdays and Thursdays with times varying. It is not offered every semester so check course listings per semester to see if it is available. This class also meets in the Dance Studio.

This class is designed to increase the beginning student’s level of conditioning and to introduce the next level of individual and paired technique and Kata training. Concepts of Karate theory are also introduced.

Independent Study – PE 299

          After successful completion of Intermediate Karate the student may, with permission of Sensei Davis, develop an Independent Study course on a specific

         aspect of Karate or martial arts. Independent Study courses may range from one to three credits per semester.


Teaching Assistants - PE 295

Once a student has achieved the Green Belt rank they may apply to be a Teaching Assistant for the Beginning Classes. TA's receive three credits for the course. TA's attend Beginning Classes and assist the Instructor in teaching the beginning students.

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