Rickard Hill Road, Schoharie Lab Project


Your report for the Rickard Hill Road Project should include the following:


Detailed description of Kalkberg Formation

Detailed description of Becraft Formation

Description of contact between the two formations

Interpretation of depositional environment for Kalkberg Formation

Interpretation of depositional environment for Becraft Formation

            Include SPECIFICS of environments and processes operating in environments

Interpretation of how environments changed from one formation to the other

Interpretation of what caused environments to change


References Cited (if you use any)

Click here for photos of the Rickard Hill Road Outcrop


Directions to Rickard Hill


Take I-88 east to exit 23 for Schoharie and Central Bridge

At the top of the exit ramp, turn right (south) toward Schoharie

When Rt 30A and 30 split, stay on Rt. 30 to Schoharie

In the village of Schoharie, you will pass the school on the left (set back slightly from the road and slightly uphill)

Just past the school, there is a blinking traffic light, turn left

Almost immediately after turning off Rt. 30 the road will split

The road on the right goes uphill and the sign indicates that this is Rickard Hill Road (Schoharie County Rt. 1a)

Follow Rickard Hill road around the bend, past the smaller outcrops and park where the two large outcrops are on both sides of the road.