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Books of Hours Made for Jean de Berry

"Petites Heures," Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, lat. 18014, c. 1380s

Arrest of Christ, "Petites Heures", miniature attributed to Passion Master /Jean le Noir, probably in the 1370s.


"Petites Heures," Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, lat. 18014, c. 1380s, miniature attributed to Jacquemart de Hesdin.

Traveller's Prayer added to the Petites Heures by the Limbourg Brothers.

Très Belles Heures de Notre Dame of Jean de Berry, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Nouv. acq. lat 3093, begun c. 1380 but left unfinished. The earliest miniatures have been attributed to the so-called Master of the Parement de Narbonne. This artist has been identified by some scholars as Jean d'Orléans (see Perkinson, The Likeness of the King, pp. 198-208). Jean is documented as serving Kings John II, Charles V, and Charles VI. He is listed as peintre et valet de chambre du roy or as pictor regis.

Copy of lost miniature accompany Traveller's Prayer added to the Très Belles Heures by the Limbourg Brothers

Brussels Hours, f. 106v-107, c. 1400. Miniatures attributed to Jacquemart Hesdin.

Grandes Heures, inventoried in the Duke's collection in 1409. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, lat. 919, f. 96.

Belles Heures, completed by the end of 1408 or early 1409. NYC, The Cloisters, f. 137v-138.

Très riches heures, Chantilly, Musée Condé, f. 47v-48.