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This, not being a very interesting subject, shan't go into any particulars.

I have an eight hour watch, and some days have this undesirable character with me for hours and hours. This particular one plugs herself in, just like those other characters used to do until G.W. cleared them out, like I already said. G.W. says this one is one of the toughest he's come across in a long time, and he's met up with a lot of them in his long time. Any how he's still working on the problem and says he will sooner or later clear this one out too. All I have to do is wait, and something will fix things up.

Besides watch, I have the Protection of the Sleepers. I do this every night all night.

Herding, I have to do too. When the Boys go out with balls, any size or shape, sometimes sticks too, I have to try to round them up. Believe me they are much tougher to round up than sheep. Sheep must be much smarter, they are so easy to teach. Sheep never put you in the barn, the way the Boys are forever putting me in the house. They just don't catch on. But anyhow, I'll get this mess straightened out, one of these days.

What with all this work, I have about five minutes left each day for recreation, sleep and eating. I don't complain. I just hope they sometimes feel at least a little guilty about it all.

Which brings up the subject called Play. I frankly don't know what that word means, but to hear people talk, it's something Important, so I am leaving some sheets of paper blank in the back of this book, in case people would like to fill them out themselves.

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