ARTH 110: College Scholars Assignments


First Paper Assignment

I would like you to select one work or a comparison of works that we have discussed in class or appear in your textbook readings (Chapters 20, 21, and 22 in Gardner). You will write a three to five page paper examining the work(s). Your paper should focus on the issue of how the work(s) in its(their) style, subject matter, patronage, and / or function reflect(s) the nature of the artist(s) and the role(s) of the work(s) within the particular social context(s).

As you think about your project, I would like you to consult me. I would like to be able to brainstorm with each of you about your selection of works and the direction of your papers. In meeting together, I might suggest works that we haven't discussed in class, but would be more interesting for you to explore. In most cases I do not suspect that you need to do any extra research beyond what you have available, but I would like to be able to give you some suggestions. Please sign-up for a conference with me on the sheet I am distributing in class. The conferences will be held in my office: Fine Arts 303.

The papers will be due on Thursday, October 23.