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The following are a sample of advertisements selected by students for their papers. Spend some time looking at these ads and see how the advertisers have manipulated pictorial conventions we have been discussing in class. Pay attention to the relationship of the words included in the ads to the images.


Consider the settings of these two ads. See how the advertiser employs your understanding of the social context and gender differences to appeal to you.


The pages above are from a four page spread. Follow the narrative through from the first page to the fourth page.

Like many images we have discussed in this course, these two Camel's ads employ cultural references to past works. Try to identify the cultural references and explain why Camel would make these connections.

Advertisers have been sensitive to the social changes that have occurred due to the changes in attitudes towards gender. Many advertiser appeal to the new types, while other ads assertively appeal to the past stereotypes. See how the following ads respond to the different gender stereotypes:

Some images even baffle me. Can you explain what a nude woman in a laundromat painting her toenails has to do with sneakers?