The following is the text of an advertisement for an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The ad appeared in the "Arts and Leisure" section of the New York Times on April 4, 1993. The text overlays an image of the Kritios Boy, datable to ca. 480 B.C. and one of the major monuments of Early Classical Greek sculpture:

The Greek Miracle
Classical Sculpture from the Dawn of Democracy, The Fifth Century B.C.
"We are all Greeks," the poet Shelley said. Born of democracy. Invention. Philosophy, Theater. History. Sciences. And art, born from that democracy makes us so. For out of fifth-century B.C. Greece, modern man was given life. Now the art of the Golden Age of Greece is here, to explore, embrace and revel in. An historical event --of great importance to all of the western world-- a study of man and democracy through art. Twenty-two works, most have not ventured before from their homeland and ten more from Europe's leading museums. Together with thirteen objects from the Metropolitan's permanent collection. Art as evolution. As mankind. As free. As all. For now, as in the age of Perikles, politics flower. History writes itself anew. Man challenges his world. Art tells the story. And we, in awe, muse over the miracle of democracy. So yes, we are all Greeks.
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