Passion (cont.) East Wall:




 Pact of Judas


Passion (cont.) (3rd register, North Wall):

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 Last Supper

 Christ washing feet


 Christ before Caiaphas

 Mocking of Christ


 Meditations on the Life of Christ (p. 313): Attend diligently to these things.... As they were thus assembled at the table, the Lord Jesus rose, and immediately all the disciples rose, not knowing where He wished to go. He descended with them to a lower place, and had them all sit down. Then He commanded that hot water be brought, removed His garments and girded a towel about Himself, and poured water into a stone basin to wash their feet. Peter refused and, deeply shocked, exclaimed, according to his judgment, "This seems an unsuitable act." But, having heard the warning of Christ, he wisely altered his opinion for the better. Consider all these acts well, and with wonder mark what they do. The supreme Majesty and Master of humility bent to the feet of the fishermen; He remains bowed and kneeling before those who sit, washing all their feet with His own hands, drying and kissing them. But it surpassed all humility that He performed the same service for that traitor. O evil heart, harder than hardness, that does not soften at so much humility, that does not revere the Lord majesty, that does not thus recognize the excellence of Him that made you, and ever becomes more cruel in the death of the innocent....!

 Meditations on the Life of Christ (p. 325): He saw His adversaries approaching from a distance with lighted torcehs and arms, but He did not wake the disciples until they were near and almost beside them. Then He said to them, "You have slept enough. Here comes the one who betrayed me." Even as He spoke, that wicked man most evil merchant, came before the others and kissed Him. It is said to have been the custom of the Lord Jesus to received disciples He had sent out with a kiss on their return. Therefore the traitor gave the kiss as the sign. Preceding the others, he returned with a kiss, almost as though to say, "I have not come with these soldiers but, returning, I kiss you according to custom and say "Ave Rabbi, God save you, Master.'" O real traitor! Pay carefull attention an follow the Lord as He patiently and benignly receives the treacherous embraces and kisses of that wretch whose feet He had washed but a short time before and to whom He had given the supreme food. How patiently He allows Himself to be captured, tied, beaten, and furiously driven, as though He were an evil-doer and indeed powerless to defend Himself! How He even pities His fleeing and errant disciples!! And also see their grief as, unnerved, sorrowfully weeping and lamenting like orphans, and frightened by fear, they leave; and their sorrow grows greater as they see their Lord so miserably led away (dragged by these dogs to the sacrfice, and almost like a lamb, unresistingly, following them.


Passion (cont.):

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 Carrying of the Cross



 Resurrection & Noli me tangere