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Arth 109

Gothic Sculpture

Slide List 22

 View of the South Transept Portal of Chartres Cathedral, 1210-1215.  Central Portal of South transept of Chartres Cathedral: Tympanum: Last Judgment; Lintel: Weighing of the Souls; Archivolts: Choirs of Angels; Trumeau: Christ as teacher; Jamb figures: Apostles.

 Trumeau of central portal.  Jamb figures of Apostles.


 Tympanum of central portal: Last Judgment: Christ in center showing the wounds of His Passion; flanked by Mary and St. John the Evangelist; Angels carry the Instruments of Christ's Passion (Cross, Crown of Thorns, nails, lance, column and whip.)  Last Judgment from St. Lazare at Autun.

 St. Theodore, jamb figure from the left portal of the South Transept of Chartres Cathedral, c. 1230.  Christ on the trumeau of central portal of South Transept of Chartres, c. 1210-1215.

Question for Review


 Last Judgment, Autun, c. 1130.  Last Judgment from the South Transept of Chartres Cathedral, 1210-1215.

Compare and contrast the conceptions of these two works. Note how the stylistic differences can be related to shifts in the iconography and conception of the Last Judgment. Note the dramatic shift in the relationship of humanity to God indicated by this comparison.