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Guidlines for Optional Short Paper


1) Your paper should be based on one of the Questions for Review included on the Slide Lists over the course of the semester. It is your choice.

2) Your paper should be three to five pages in length. It is not a research paper. I do not want you to include material derived from other sources. You will not impress me by including in your paper extra information.

3) You should be able to write the paper on the basis of what we have discussed in class and what you have read in the text book.

4) The majority of the Questions for Review are compare and contrast questions. You should focus your paper on articulating the major similarities and differences of the works under consideration. Make sure that your points are supported by specific evidence derived from your analysis of the works. I am not just looking for conclusions, but I am looking for evidence to support the conclusion. Make sure that you articulate the significance of the points you make. For your paper to be successful you are going to need to be able to demonstrate to me your ability to analyze works of art and your understanding of the art historical context of the works under consideration.

5) All the writing in your paper has to be your own. With the internet it is easy for a faculty member to demonstrate plagiarism. If it is found, the grade on the paper is an automatic F which will be computed in determining your final grade.

6) The paper is due the penultimate day of classes (Thursday, May 1).

7) I will not accept papers that:

a. Are submitted electronically. I accept only paper copies.

b. Are not stapled or paper clipped.

c. Are turned in after the due date which is the end of the class on the day the paper is due.

8) I do accept papers turned in early. If you do so, I will evaluate your paper and return it to you in a timely way. You will have the opportunity to revise your paper and resubmit it. Resubmitting does not insure a better grade, but I do want to reward students who want to make meaningful revisions of their paper and thoughtfully engage the assignment.

9) I will not be able to write comments on papers turned in on the actual due date. I will announce a time when you can e-mail me to ask what you received on the paper.