ARTH 200 Assignments

Final Paper: Spring, 2014


You are given the assignment to organize an exhibition around a major theme related to Gender and Art. To form the nucleus for the exhibition you need to identify three works that will be the focus of your exhibition. These can include works discussed in this course, or you can select works we have not discussed. You are asked to write a 3-5 page paper identifying your choice of works and justifying their inclusion into the exhibition. How do the works relate to each other, and how do they illustrate different aspects of the topic.

You get to determine the scope of the exhibition. It can focus on a broad overview of major periods, or look at a single period, or even a single artist. You could construct the show to be a comparison between two artists or two periods. Do not feel that you are limited to what we have done in class. I perfectly understand that we have only been able to explore the tip of the iceberg. Pay attention to articulating the thesis of the show and justifying the inclusion of the selected works in relationship to the thesis.


Tuesday, May 6: bring a draft of your paper to class to workshop.

Tuesday, May 13: submit your final paper along with your writing portfolio and journal. Make sure that you distinguish in your writing portfolio any new revisions that you want me to consider.