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Third Paper

Final Draft Due: Tuesday, April 15.

I want you to select a work of art that focuses on the issue of gender and write a 3-5 page paper analyzing the construction of gender evident in the work. I want you to select the image you focus on. It can be one we have discussed in the course, or it can be one that we have not discussed but interests you. The paper can be done as a comparison, but make sure that the paper does not end up being separate discussions of the two works. Before you begin working on the project, I require you to get my approval of the choice of works. E-mail me your choice of works by next Tuesday, March 18. It might be wise to include several possible choices.

On Thursday, April 10you are expected to bring a rough draft of your paper to class to be read and commented on by two other students. A final draft of the paper is due on Tuesday, April 15.