Michelangelo, Pieta, 1498/99-1500.

Giotto, Massacre of the Innocents, Arena Chapel, consecrated 1305.

Giovanni Pisano, Massacre of the Innocents, from the pulpit for the church of Sant' Andrea, 1298-1301.

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, 164-166 AD

Adventus of Marcus Aurelius

Jacque Louis David, Napoleon Crossing the St. Bernard Pass, 1800-01.

Baron Antoine Gros, Murat at the Battle of Aboukir, 1806.

Last Judgement from the tympanum of the Church of Saint Lazare at Autun, c. 1125.

Baron Antoine Jean Gros, Napoleon at Eylau, 1808.

Five weeks after the bloody encounter with the Russians at Eylau (25,000 dead), a competition was announced for a painting designed to commemorate the Napoleonic victory. Denon, the director of French Museums, dictated the program for the entries: "The moment is that when His Majesty visiting the battlefield at Eylau in order to distribute aid to the wounded, a young Lithuanian hussar, whose knee had been shot off, rose up and said to the Emperor: 'Caesar, you want me to live....Well, let them cure me and I will serve you as faithfully as I did Alexander!.'"


Baron Antoine Jean Gros, Plague House of Jaffa,

Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States