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Paper Assignment 3

You are given the assignment to organize an exhibition around a major theme related to Art and Politics. To form the nucleus for the exhibition you need to identify three works that will be the focus of your exhibition. These can include works discussed in this course, or you can select works we have not discussed. You are asked to write a 3-5 page paper identifying your choice of works and justifying their inclusion into the exhibition.

The following is a list of themes. You should select one of them to be the focus of your exhibition. I give you the option to identify a different theme, but you need to e-mail me for approval.

1. Ruler images and constructing images of political authority.

2. Gender and politics.

3. Images of War.

4. Religious and Political Order.

5. Political authority and Public space.

6. Political order and defining the Other.

The works you choose to illustrate your theme should cover a diverse range of periods. Your choice of images will be a factor in evaluating your paper. I will also be evaluating the quality of your discussions of the images.

The paper will be due at the Finals Week meeting which will be Friday, December 19. At the same time you should submit your Writing Portfolio, which should include all of your papers,drafts, and revisions, and your Journal.