ARTH 209 Assignments


Orientalizing Vase Painting

Mykonos Pithos, c. 675 B.C.

Eleusis Amphora, c. 675-650 BCE(Proto-Attic), 4' 9".

Eleusis Amphora-detail: Odysseus Blinding Polyphemos

Belly of the Eleusis Amphora showing the Gorgons chasing Perseus after he killed Medusa.

Odysseus Blinding Polyphemos

Chigi vase, Protocorinthian olpe, c. 650 BCE, 10 1/2"

Detail of the Lion hunt on the Chigi vase.

Detail of Chigi Vase showing hoplite warriors.

Relief Vase (Pithos or storage vase) from the island of Tinos: Perseus decapitates Medusa, c. 650 B.C.

Minoan Snake Goddess, c. 1500 B.C.


"Nessos Amphora", Athenian, last quarter of the 7th century.

Detail of Nessos Amphora

Detail of Nessos Amphora