Excerpts from Suetonius, The Lives of the Caesars , Book II, "Augustus":

LXXXIX: He had clear, bright eyes


















LXXIX: He was short of stature..., but this was concealed by the fine proportion and symmetry of his figure.


















LXXIX: Augustus was remarkably handsome and of very graceful gait even as an old man.


















LXXX: He had a weakness in his left hip, thigh, and leg, which occasionally gave him the suspicion of a limp.


















XL:Augustus set himself to revive the ancient Roman dress, and, once on seeing, a group of men in dark cloaks among the crowd, quoted Virgil indignantly: "Behold them, conquerors of the world, all clad in Roman togas!" and instructed the aediles that no should ever again be admitted to the Forum, or its environs, unless he wore a toga and no cloak.


















LXXVI: He was a light eater and as a rule ate of plain food.


















LXXVII: He was by nature most sparing also in his use of wine.


















LXXIV: He gave dinner parties constantly and always formally, with great regard to the rank and personality of his guests.


















LXXV: Festivals and holidays he celebrated lavishly as a rule.


















LXXIV: He served dinners of three courses or of six when he was most lavish.



















LXXVIII: After his midday meal he used to rest for a while just as he was, without taking off his clothes or his shoes....


















LXXVIII: Then he went to bed and slept not more than seven hours at most and not even that length of time without a break, but waking three or four times.


















XXXIII: Sometimes he even judged cases from his sick-bed in his house.


















LXXXVI: He cultivated a style of speaking that was chaste and elegant.


















LXXXVI: ...making it his chief aim to express his thoughts as clearly as possible.


















LXXXIV: From early youth he devoted himself eagerly and with utmost diligence to oratory and liberal studies.


















LXXXIX: Yet he never acquired the ability to speak Greek fluently....


















LXXXIX: He gave every encouragement to the men of talent of his own age....


















LXXXVIII: He does not strictly comply with orthography....


















XCIII: Augustus showed great respect towards all ancient and long-established foreign rites.


















XXIX: ...he restored ruined or burned temples, beautifying these and others with the most lavish gifts.


















XLI: His generosity to all classes was displayed on many occasions.