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Ground Floor of the Louvre

After Mary Whiteley, "Le Louvre de Charles V: dispositions et fonctions d'une résidence royale," Revue de l'art, 97 (1992), pp. 60-71.

A: Chamber; B: garde-robe; C: eschansonnerie; D: salle; N: passageway to the gardens; E: salle du commun; R: grande chambre du Louvre; S: Great Hall; T: site of the old lodgings of the King; U: Great Chapel; V: extension of the Great Chapel.

The Great Hall (S) measured a little over 30 meters in length. The table of honor at which the King and principal guests sat was located along the north wall. At the end of banquets the King and the major lords withdrew to the adjacent grande chambre (R) to converse and for "vins et espices".