The 4 Georges: Left to right: George Hackney, George Allen Streeter, George Williamson, George Linius Streeter
Streeter Family, July 5,1913, Johnstown: Front Row: George and Russell Williamson, Sally Streeter in Carriage, Grandmother Streeter (seated), Frank Ames Prindle (sore fingers), Bob Williamson seated, Marguerite Hackney (kneeling by Grandmother Streeter); Back Row: George Hackney, Julia Allen Streeter, Frank Prindle, Flo Prindle, Will Hackney, Katharine Hackney, Annie Hackney, Sarah Williamson, George Streeter.
Streeter Cousins, July 5, 1913, Johnstown: Sally Streeter (in carriage), Frank Ames Prindle (sore fingers), Robert Williamson (seated), George Hackney seated with George Williamson in his lap. Marguerite and Katharine Hackney stand in the back.
Streeter Family, undated (c. 1914): First Step: George Williamson; Second Step: Annie Hackney, Frank Ames Prindle, Robert Williamson, Katharine Hackney, Frank Prindle, Top Step: Flo Prindle, Sarah Williamson, Will Hackney, Grandmother Streeter, Russell Williamson.
Streeter Cousins, 1917: George Williamson seated; Sally Streeter standing; George Hackney seated holding George Allen Streeter, Frank Ames Prindle squatting; standing: Robert Williamson, Marguerite and Katharine Hackney.
Streeter Family Dinner at Point Breeze, 1921: Left to right:
George S. Hackney, Frank A. Prindle Jr., William C. Hackney, Annie Hackney,Mary Streeter, Julia Streeter, Frank A. Prindle Sr., Sally Streeter, Hannah Green Anthony Streeter, Russell Williamson, Sarah S. Williamson, George Allen Streeter, Mr. H. W. Smeallie ("guest of Ames")(. The picture was taken through the dining room window of the Hair Porch, probably by George L.Streeter.)
Hackney Streeter Dinner at Mason Camp, August 1920: Clockwise around the table: Will Hackney, Julia Allen Streeter, Mary Streeter, George Allen Streeter, Sally Streeter, Annie Hackney, Katharine Hackney (McGregor Frothingham), and George Hackney.
August 1920: Seated: Grandmother Streeter, Mary Streeter, George Williamson, Sally Streeter, George Allen Streeter; Standing: Robert Williamson, Frank Ames Prindle, Frank Prindle Sr..
Mason Camp, August, 1920: Grandmother Streeter with Sally, George Allen, and Mary Streeter
Mason Camp, August, 1920: Left to Right: Julia Allen Streeter in white dress standing with probably Mary Streeter. Seated on step: Sally Streeter, George Allen Streeter, Raymond Allen, Helen Allen; in back: Flo Prindle standing, Grandmother Streeter, seated; Frank Ames Prindle seated on table, Frank Prindle standing; George Linius Streeter, seated.
August, 1920: Raymond Allen (Buddy), Sally Streeter, George Allen Streeter, Mary Streeter.
Allen Family Dinner, Orange, New Jersey, June, 1926: clockwise around the table: Sally Streeter, George Allen Streeter, Raymond Allen, Mary Streeter, Julia Allen Streeter, Grandfather Allen, Grandmother Allen, George Linius Streeter, Helen Allen.
April 26, 1921, Baltimore, Md.: George Linius Streeter, George Allen Streeter, Mary Streeter, Grandfather Allen, Sally Streeter.
Hannah Green Anthony Streeter
Hannah Green Anthony in 1879.
Hannah Green Anthony Streeter in her 84th year.
Hannah Green Streeter
George Linius Streeter
George Linius Streeter in Ann Arbor
George Linius Streeter with Sarah Frances Streeter (Dean)
George Linius Streeter, London, 1928.
Julia Heath Allen Streeter
Julia Allen photographed in 1881.
Julia Allen in December 1895.
Julia Allen's Wedding Portrait for her marriage to Arthur Smith in September, 1903.
Julia Allen Streeter holding Robert Ennis Farber Jr. in August, 1948 on the dock at Canada Lake.
Fickle Brook
Fickle Brook under construction in November, 1923.
Fickle Brook probably during the Spring of 1924.
Living Room of Fickle Brook, 1924.
Groups at Canada Lake
Beach at Point Breeze, ca. 1920: left to right: Sally Streeter, George Streeter, and Mary Streeter.
Streeter Children boating off of the Dock at Fickle Brook: left to right: Mary Streeter, Raggedy, Sally Streeter, and George Allen Streeter.
Fishing in West Lake, 1920: Sally Streeter, Raymond Allen, and Uncle Bill Allen.
Streeter kids, September, 1920: Sally Streeter, George Allen Streeter, and Mary Streeter.
Mary Raymond Streeter at Canada Lake in August, 1920.
Mary Streeter and George Allen Streeter playing in Fickle Brook, c. 1929.
Cousin Buddy on left with Mary and George Allen Streeter at the Lake c. 1929.
Mary Streeter on porch at the Lake c. 1943.