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Châteauroux, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 2

Châteauroux Breviary

f. 8: David

f. 19

f. 26v

f. 33

f. 40

f. 48v

f. 56v

f. 65v

f. 188v: Compare the composition to the miniatures of the suffrages in the Boucicaut Hours. The orthogonals in the floor converge. The diaphragm arch is similar to the Boucicaut Hours.


f. 204v

f. 238

f. 249

f. 265

f. 274

f. 282v

detail of f. 282v

f. 298v

f. 350

f. 364

f. 367v

f. 382v

f. 387v

f. 430: note arms of the dauphin in the second historiated initial on the right.