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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 62


January; Walters 231 Decorator



f. 7: detail of May

f. 15v-16: Sequentiae: Inc. of St. Luke

f. 51v: Visitation

f. 63: Nativity: Compare composition to Harley 4382, f. 159 ; compare especially to WAM MS 232, f. 53v

Annunciation to the Shepherds

f. 73v-74


f. 73v: Adoration of the Magi

f. 82v: Flight into Egypt

f. 82v: Flight into Egypt

Presentation of Christ in the Temple

f. 95: Hell: inc. of Penetential Psalms

f. 95v
f. 96
f. 96v
f. 97
f. 97v
f. 98
f. 98v
f. 99
f. 99v
f. 100
f. 100v
f. 101
f. 101v
f. 102
f. 102v
f. 103

f. 165v-166

f. 166v-167

f. 170v-171


Office of the Dead

f. 171v-172

f. 171v: Madonna and Child.

Descent of the Holy Spirit


Arrest of Christ

f. 194v-195

f. 194v: Christ Before Pilate

Christ Carrying the Cross

Nailing of Christ to the Cross


f. 215: Lamentation

f. 218v: Entombment

Opening in the Office of the Passion

Detail of the opening in the Office of the Passion: Walters 231 Decorator