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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 12201:Hayton, Fleur des histoires de la terre d'Orient....Manuscript is one of three copies of the text bought by Philippe le Hardi in 1403 from Jacques Rapondi. fr. 12201 was given to Jean de Berry on March 22, 1403. Ms. appears in the 1413 Berry inventory.  

f. 1v: Walters 231 Decorator

f. 57r: detail (Fr. 242 Decorator)

f. 74r (conjugate of f. 67): Walters 232 Decorator

Foliation Scribe   Text/ Miniature/ Miniaturist Decorator  
1 (1-8) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A f. 1r: Hayton,La fleur des hystoires de la terre d' orient/ Hayton presenting text to Pope Clement V / Coronation Master Walters 231 Decorator

  f. 1v:Text Decoration (Walters 231 Decorator)
  f. 2v: Text Decoration (Walters 231 Decorator)
f.4r: Rubric has "y" typical of Cleres femmesScribe A. The
        Walters 231 Decorator  

f. 9


fr. 12201 Scribe A   f. 9r: Expl. Book 1
    f. 9v: Rubric for Book 2
2 (10-17) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A  

f. 10r: Titles for Book 2

Walters 231 Decorator
  f. 10v: Inc. Book 2 / Homage to Roman Emperor/ Master of Berry Cleres femmes
    f. 15v: Expl. Book 2; Inc. rubrics for Book 3
    f. 17r: Expl. rubrics for Book 3
  f. 17v: Inc. Book 3/ The dream of Gengis Khan / Master of Berry Cleres femmes.
3 (18-25) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A     Walters 231 Decorator
4 (26-33) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A     Walters 231 Decorator
5 (34-41) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A f. 34v: Text Decoration-break in decorators: Walters 232 Decorator  

Walters 232 Decorator responsible for the two outside bifolia, and the Walters 231 Decorator responsible for the two center bifolia.

    f. 36r: break in decoration: Walters 231 Decorator Walters 231 Decorator

6 (42-48) 8-1


fr. 12201 Scribe A     Walters 231 Decorator responsible for folios 42, 43, and 48.
Walters 232 Decoratorresponsible for folios 44-47.
    f. 48r: Expl. of Book Three; Inc. titles of Book Four
    f. 48v: Expl. titles of Book Four.
7 (49-56) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A      
    f. 49r: Inc. Book Four/ Hayton appealing to Pope Clement V / Coronation Master Walters 231 Decorator
8 (57-64) 8 fr. 12201 Scribe A f. 57r: Change in decorators. fr. 242 Decorator
9 (65-66) 2 fr. 12201 Scribe A   f. 65v: Expl. Hayton's text Walters 232 Decorator
    f. 66r: Inc. Prologue of Provinciale Romanae Ecclesiae: "Cy commance le livre de toutes les provinces duniverse monde...."/ Large 4-line dentelle intitial.
f. 66v: Expl. of Prologue.
10 (67-74) 8 Cleres femmesScribe A f. 67r: Inc. Liber provinciarum Walters 232 Decorator With folio 67 which begins a new textual unit, there is likely a break in scribes with Cleres femmes Scribe A taking over. Notice especially the "y". Does Scribe A use the "et" sign? Doesn't he always write it out? Contrast this with the first scribe of the ms.
11 (75-80) 6 Cleres femmesScribe A     Walters 232 Decorator (responsible for out two bifolia: 15/80 and 76/79)
Walters 231 Decorator (responsible for the center bifolio: 77/78)

12 (81-97) 8 +9

An alternative gathering structure would be:

12 (81-82) 2

13 (83-90) 8

14 (91-97) 8-1

Cleres femmesScribe A   f. 81r: Signature mark: "I" Walters 232 Decorator (responsible for folios 81 & 82)
f. 82r: Signature mark: "II"

f. 82v: Expl. Liber provinciarum de toto orbe terrarum.

Since f. 82v marks the end of a textual and the Walters 232 Decorator's activity ends with f. 82, it makes sense that folios 81 and 82 are conjugate. With f. 83 there is break in decorators with the appearance of the fr. 242 Decorator.

13 (83- Cleres femmesScribe A  

f. 83 r: Cy commence un petit livre fait dun tarar qui se nomme Theribey..: Titles

Signature mark: "III"

fr. 242 Decorator(responsible for folios 83-97)  
      f. 83v: Expl. titles    

f. 84r: Cy commence de la dominacion Temir Bey" ; The Conquest of Samarkand by Tamerlane (Timur): Coronation Master.

Signature mark: "IIII"

    f. 84v: Sample of text decoration of Fr. 242 Decorator    
      f. 86r: Signature mark: "VI"    
      f. 87r: Signature mark: "VII"    
      f. 88r: Signature mark: "VIII"    
      f. 89r: Signature mark: "IX"    
      f. 90r: Signature mark: "X" (this is the last signature mark)