Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 2810: Le Livre des merveilles; note written on guard leaf by Flamel, the secretary of the Duke of Berry, states that the manuscript was given to Jean de Berry by Jean sans Peur. The Berry inventory of 1413 states that this gift was made in January, 1413. Running titles and their decoration done separately from the scribal and decorative work of the body of the manuscript. Are the running titles done by a separate scribe?

f. 40v

f. 40v: CW (same type found in the manuscript through f. 267v)

f. 89v

(compare fleurettes to Lat. 8888)

f. 117 r

Walters 232 Decorator

f. 117r - detail

f. 126v

Compare to Boucicaut and Bedford Crucifixions

f. 138r

(Compare to Cleres femmes C Decorator)

f. 167 (new ? decorator in fr. 2810)

f. 229v: In gathering after frontispiece which sees a break in decorators from the Walters 231 Decorator. The Walters 231 decorator did not decorate bifolia that contained major openings with acanthus decoration.

f. 250v

f. 266r: Beginning of new gathering (CW on f. 265v).Marks break in decorators. Return to Walters 231 Decorator.

f. 268r: Inc. of new text. Previous text ended on f. 267r; 267v is blank. Likely marks the end of textual unit. Probably a new scribe begins here and completes the manuscript.

f. 268v

f. 269r (compare to Cleres femmes C) This decorator is responsible for the rest of the manuscript

f. 272r

f. 274v

f. 275v: CW. Not the decoration found previously in the manuscript. Has there been a break in scribes. F. 268-275 is an quaternion and marks the beginning of a new textual unit.

f. 280v: note corrections in darker and larger size letters that are done by a separate scribe. This scribe uses a different "y" and "g"

Signature of Jean de Berry on the last page f. 299v.