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San Marino, Huntington Library, MS 1100

f. 2, February

f. 3, March

f. 4, April

f. 5, May

f. 6, June

f. 7, July

f. 8, August

f. 13, St. John

f. 17, St. Mark

f. 18v, St. Matthew

f. 28, Annunciation

f. 52, Visitation

f. 63v, Nativity

f. 69v< Annunciation to Shepherds

The borders come close to those in the Bedford Hours (see K├Ânig, Bedford Hours, p.34

f. 74v, Adoration of the Magi

f. 79, Presentation in the Temple

f. 83v, Flight into Egypt

f. 91, Coronation of the Virgin

f. 119, Crucifixion

f. 127, Descent of the Holy Spirit

f. 134, Burial

f. 182, Virgin and Child

Image based on Jan Van Eyck's Madonna of the Fountain in Antwerp (see Panofsky, ENP, fig. 255)

f. 188, Man of Sorrows

f. 192, Trinity

f. 193

f. 205v-206