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Comparisons of the Works by the Luçon Master

Walters 231
Walters 232 Widener 4
Mazarine 491
Richardson 45
Douce 62
Harley 4382
De Levis Hours  

The motif of the sunbursts on the corners of the pages echoes the same motif in the calendar of Add 29433

Annunciation (Matins)

f. 26v-27

f. 22

Visitation (Lauds)


f. 42v

f. 41


f. 42

Nativity (Prime)

f. 53v

f. 53

Note the use of the gold bed in both the Widener and Mazarine mss. Also found in the Annunciations in both mss. Don't see this in WAM 231 or Richardon mss.

f. 50v


f. 63

f. 182

Annunciation to Shepherds (Terce)

f. 59v



f. 55v


f. 56

Adoration of the Magi (Sext)

f. 64


f. 59v

Presentation in the Temple (None)

f. 63

Flight into Egypt (Vespers)

f. 64

f. 67

Coronation of the Virgin (Compline)

f. 73

Penetential Psalms

f. 78


f. 77

Arrest of Christ

f. 103


f. 93

Christ Before Pilate        

f. 110v


f. 116


f. 119


f. 124v


f. 124

f. 124


f. 129v


f. 114v


f. 136


f. 139v

Descent of the Holy Spirit

f. 112

Funeral Service      

f. 98v

Christ as Judge

f. 132v

Note how both the Widener and Mazarine mss. make the same "mistake": the left hand of Christ is up lifting and the right hand points downwards.

f. 182


f. 117v

f. 248v

Virgin Weaving      

f. 234v

Bathing Christ Child

f. 131

Death of the Virgin
Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child Seated      

f. 177

f. 145

Man of Sorrows
Peter of Luxembourg  

f. 93


f. 244v

All Saints      

f. 106