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Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Nouv. acq. lat. 3107:

St Maur Hours

f. 4v-5: January

f. 5v-6: February

f. 6v-7: March

f. 7v-8: April

f. 17: St John

f. 18v: St. Luke


f. 20v: St. Matthew

f. 22v: St. Mark


f. 24: Virgin and Child

f. 29

f. 33: Madonna and Child

f. 45: Annunciation

f. 68: Nativity

f. 72v: Annunciation to Shepherds

f. 77: Adoration of the Magi

f. 81v: Presentation in the Temple

f. 86: Flight into Egypt

f. 93