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Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, MS 231


f. 17: Annunciation: Lu├žon Master; Walters 231 Decorator

f. 37: Visitation

f. 46: Nativity

f. 51: Annunciation to the Shepherds

f. 54v: Adoration of the Magi

f. 58: Presentation in the Temple

f. 62: Flight into Egypt

f. 68: Coronation of the Virgin

f. 89: Virgin and Child and Saints (Salve Regina)

f. 90: Bathing of Christ Child (Fifteen Joys_

f. 91v: Death of the Virgin


f. 93: King David


f. 109v: Betrayal


f. 119: Man of Sorrows (Seven Requests to Our Lord)



f. 120: Pentecost




f. 125: Last Judgment


f. 28v-29