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Baltimore, Walters Art Museum, MS 232

f. 32v-33; possibly fr. 242 Decorator

f. 42v: Visitation

f. 53v: Nativity; Walters 232 Decorator Compare miniature to the corresponding one in Mazarine 491. Also compare the miniature to Douce 62, fol. 63, especially the poses of Joseph and Mary. Also compare to the Nativity in Philadelphia, Widener 7.

f. 59v: Annunciation to the Shepherds; Walters 232 Decorator; the angel scroll reads: "Annuncio vobis gau...."

f. 64: Adoration of the Magi; Walters 232 Decorator

f. 85v: St. Catherine Debating the Philosophers; Walters 232 Decorator

f. 93: Peter of Luxembourg's vision of the Crucified Christ; Walters 232 Decorator

f. 124v: Crucifixion; Walters 232 Decorator

f. 191: Virgin of Humility; Walters 232 Decorator