Martha Growdon

    I study Crustal Dynamics.  I enjoy incorporating structural geology with metamorphic petrology, geochemistry, thermobarometry, and geochronology to understand the histories of multiply metamorphosed terranes. 

    I study geochemical and mechanical processes due to mineral reactions during metamorphism of “stable” terrane interiors as well as fault reactivation along terrane boundaries.  I have two current areas of study, each of which emphasizes a slightly different area of my broad interests.

Are you a student looking for research in Structural Geology or Metamorphic Rocks?  Do you want to learn how to make thin sections and understand what the minerals and textures in them mean?  Do you want to figure out how to crack open the millions-of-years-old stories within rocks?  Explore my research page to see what my current students and I are up to.  Check out a list of courses that I teach to get a flavor for my teaching and research style.  Finally, feel free to drop into my office or e-mail me to talk more about how rocks rock!


Assistant Professor of Geology, SUNY Oneonta

Metamorphic Petrology and Structural Geology

Favorite Minerals

  1. -Titanite

  2. -Spinel (Mg-bearing)

  3. -Cordierite

  4. -Sillimanite

Current Research Areas

- Matinicus Island, ME, USA

  1. -East Derby Shear Zone, Orange-Milford, CT, USA

  2. -Kisseynew Domain, North-Central Manitoba, Canada