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This page provides several tutorials on frequently asked questions in my courses. I hope you find the tutorials of some use. If you would like a video of a process, let me know, and I will try to get something useful posted. The Help files for both Excel and Global Mapper are quite good too. And one other place to look is Google (e.g. type “How do I create a buffer in Global Mapper?”).


The links below pull up videos which run in a web page (Shockwave Flash files). You can stop the videos with the movie controls at the top of the screen. You can return to this page by clicking the back button in your browser. And, I think if you type Ctrl-F in your browser, you can search for a term on this page, and perhaps find the help you seek.


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List of Tutorials

Getting GPS Data into Global Mapper (v13)

Read GPS Exchange format(*.gpx)

Read in point coordinates from an ascii text file




How do I change the shader options for the elevation data in Global Mapper?


How do I change how a feature type is rendered in Global Mapper?


How do I create a Global Mapper Package file?


Excel FAQs


How do I insert a formula into a cell in Excel?


How do I parse data in Excel? For instance, I have UTM Easting and Northing data in a single cell, and it fills a long column! How do I separate those values?


How do I create a scatter plot, with a line between points?


How do I change from alpha-numeric to row-column (R1C1) cell references?


How do I set and use an absolute reference to a cell, so when I copy formulas, it always refers to a specific cell?


How do I change chart appearance, alter axes, add titles, etc., in short, access and change chart properties?


Miscellaneous tutorials


How do I extract earthquake locations from the USGS NEIC database?




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