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  • BIOL 244: Natural History of Insects
    This course is designed as an introduction to general entomology. In lecture, students will learn about insect physiology, metamorphosis, immunity, behavior, ecology, and adaptations. In the laboratory, students will be responsible for learning to identify insects to family-level and putting together a properly curated insect collection.

  • BIOL 269: Methods in Population Genetics
    Through lecture, case studies, and hands-on laboratory experi-ence, students will learn to design and perform experiments in population genetics. Factors favoring specific choice of organism, study question, molecular marker(s), laboratory techniques and analysis methods will be discussed. In the laboratory, students will perform all aspects of a population genetics study.

  • BIOL 285: NY Stream Biota: ID and Ecology
    An intensive field course focusing on the identification of and interrelationships between stream biota of New York. Students will learn to identify commonly encountered species of fish, invertebrates, algae, and vascular plants (in-stream and riparian) and the life histories and interrelationships between these organisms and with their surroundings. Students will perform an independent project applying the skills learned in the course. The students will camp at the Biological Field Station for the duration of the course; costs shared by students. The course will be held biennially during the Summer Session.

  • BIOL 317: Biological Literacy
    An intensive Scientific Literacy course designed to better prepare students for comprehending, critically analyzing, and writing papers for the Biological Sciences. Students will be required to read papers from a variety of subfields within biology, learn about the common elements and pitfalls. Students will also practice crafting journal-style papers to better familiarize themselves with the format. This course is reading and writing intensive.

  • BIOL 344: Field Entomology
    An intensive field course in entomology. The biology, physiology, ecology, and systematics of Class Insecta will be covered during lectures. Students will learn about life histories and live identification in the field. Students will be responsible for the creation, identification, and curation of an insect collection in the laboratory as a major project. The students will camp at the Biological Field Station for the duration of the course: costs shared by students. The course will be held biennially during summer session.

  • BIOL 384: Aquatic Invertebrate Ecology
    The ecology and general biology of the freshwater biota with emphasis on benthic invertebrates and life histories of aquatic species. Laboratory-based course with optional weekend field trips.


    BIOL617: Advanced Biological Literacy
    BIOL644: Topics in Entomology
    BIOL669: Advanced Methods in Population Genetics
    BIOL687: Advanced Aquatic Entomology