Student Autobiography

CHEM _____-___
Autobiography for ______________________
Major ___________________ 
Circle Year: Fr, So, Jr, Sr, or Graduate  Date:

Your first assignment is to write an autobiography so that I can learn more about you. This is also a good beginning to writing your résumé. They will be kept strictly confidential.

You will earn full credit if:

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You are encouraged to include any "juicy" information you wish to share, but please cover at least the following questions:

Which of the textbook's topics interest you, and which don't; and why?

To help me plan the rest of the course, please skim the sections in your book and tell me which you do and, more importantly, do not want to study this semester. We will try to focus on what interests most of the class.

Courses taken (T) previously or presently enrolled (E):
___ CHEM 111 (General I) ___ CHEM 112 (General II)
___ CHEM 221 (Organic I)* ___ CHEM 322 (Organic II)
___ CHEM 226 (Elementary Organic)* ___ CHEM 35__ (Physical)
___ Other Chem (#____, Name_____________) ___ Other Biology (#____, Name____________)
___ Bio 100 (General Biol. I) ___ Bio 200 (General Biology II)
___ Bio 212 (General Genetics) ___ Bio 201 (General Biology III)
___ Earth Sciences (#____, Name______________)
___ Physics/Astronomy (#____, Name_________)
___ Highest Math (#____, Name_________________)
___ Related Courses (#____, Name___________)

Please indicate any medical or personal condition (i.e. diabetic, hemophiliac, chemical sensitivity, allergy) which your instructor might need to know in an emergency:




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