General Chemistry Laboratory

 General Chemistry I & II

  Fall 2005/Spring 2006

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The experimental procedures and report forms can be opened and read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You should have this installed in the plug-in folder in your World Wide Web browser. If you do not have it, download it and install it from the SUNY-Oneonta software library or directly from Adobe. All experiments and report forms for General Chemistry I are published in a notebook available in the College bookstore.


 Lab Procedures

Report Forms

General Chemistry I (Chem 111) Labs

 Introduction to the Chemistry 111 Laboratory  
Laboratory Safety  
Using Microsoft Excel
 Growing Crystals  
 Synthesis of Alum  
 Percent Composition of a Mixture
Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper

Report Form

Acid-Base Titration-Using Equivalents (Pence sections)
Acid-Base Titration -Using Moles (Vining sections)
Redox Titration -- Pence sections
Synthesis/Analysis of a Copper Complex
Periodic Properties
 Molecular Structure-PART 1

General Chemistry II (Chem 112) Labs

 Laboratory Notebook for Chem 112 Laboratory


 Molecular Structure - PART II
 Anion Analysis
 Silver Group Analysis
 Precipitation Reactions
 Complexation Reactions
 Separations: Developing an Analysis Scheme
 pH and Acid-Base Titration Curves
 Infrared Spectroscopy
 Gas Chromatography