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 Lecturer: John C. Kotz, PS 230, 607-436-2454

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Chemistry 111-112 is a two-semester General Chemistry sequence, Chemistry 111-112. Chem 111 and 112 are planned as a unit, and it is assumed that most students who take Chemistry 111 will also take Chemistry 112. Chemistry 111 and 112 provide a general background concerning the principles, concepts, and factual basis of chemistry. The 111-112 sequence serves as a prerequisite for advanced courses such as Organic Chemistry (221 and 322). High school chemistry and algebra are the prerequisites for Chemistry 111. If you have not had these courses or their equivalent, please see your instructor as soon as possible.

NOTE: It is assumed that you will make use of this site for important course information. Many of these materials will NOT be made available as paper copies; they will ONLY be available on the course web site.

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