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Links checked, August 2002

WebElements, a Graphical Periodic Table

WebElements is an extensive database of information on the elements.

The Comic Book Periodic Table

This site, created by Professor Jim Holler of the University of Kentucky, has a collection of comic book pages for each element in the periodic table.


ChemDex is an extensive database of chemical information, with links to chemistry departments around the world. It is the home of WebElements.

The NIST Webbook

The National Institute for Science and Technology is the central clearinghouse for all of the basic information on chemical compounds, such as thermodynamic properties.

Careers in Chemistry

A site developed by Professor H. E. Pence of Oneonta. An excellent place to begin exploring the wide variation in careers open to chemists.

Chemical of the Week

Web site developed at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) for General Chemistry


This excellent wensite provides a great deal of information, much of in the form of Quicktime movies of chemical reactions and experiments.

General Chemistry Online

Excellent source of information for all topics in general chemistry.

Classics in Chemistry

A site that contains many of the classic papers in chemistry. It provides weekly history highlights and a dictionary of less common chemical terms.

History of Physics

American Institute of Physics history site. Excellent material on Madame Curie, discovery of the electron, Heisenberg and the uncertainty principle, and so on.

Chemical Demonstrations for General Chemistry

Lecture demonstrations for General Chemistry. Compiled at the Chemistry Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Yahoo! Chemistry Dirctory

An excellent starting place for searching the Web for chemistry-related materials and information.


Science magazine is a weekly publication (of the American Association for the Advancement of Science) of the news in all areas of science as well as review and research articles.

Science News

Science News is a sister publication of Science magazine. The articles are written for the layman.


Nature magazine is a weekly magazine of science published in Great Britain. It is much like Science magazine.

The Journal of Chemical Education

This is the premier journal in chemical education. It has many articles of use and interest to undergraduates (as well as to faculty in chemistry).

Journal of Chemical Education: Software

The group at the University of Wisconsin publishes excellent software for chemical education.

American Chemical Society

This link goes to the main page for the ACS, the largest scientific society in the world.

American Chemical Society ChemCenter

ChemCenter is a major repository of information on the chemical sciences. It is operated by the American Chemical Society.

Chemical and Engineering News

This is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society. It has many articles of interest and use to undergraduates.

The Nobel Foundation

This site has extensive files on the Nobel Prize recipients over the years.

The "Why? Files"

A project of the U.S. National Institute for Science Education

The "Mad Scientist"

A collection of useful material for teaching all sciences. See also

RasMol and Chime

This site contains links to support files for the two molecular viewing applications, Rasmol and Chime. There are tutorials on using the programs and links to other modeling sites.

IBM Visualization Laboratory

Nanoscale images of atoms done using scanning tunneling microscopy. The pages include a gallery of pictures and an explanation of STM.

The U.S. EPA Student Center

A web site of environmental information for students.

An "artistic" periodic table

The Chemical Society of London supports a page that takes an "artistic" look at the periodic table.

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