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Organic Molecules
 Methane, CH4  Acetamide, CH3CONH2
 Ethane, C2H6  Acetic Acid, CH3CO2H
 Propane, C3H8  Ethanol, CH3CH2OH
 Butane, C4H10  Vanillin
 Glycine, NH2CH2CO2H  

Inorganic Molecules and Ions
 Aluminum chloride dimer, Al2Cl6  Diborane, B2H6
 Ammonia, NH3  Graphite
 Ammonium ion, NH4+  Phosphorus trifluoride, PF3
 Boron trichloride, BCl3  Phosphate ion, PO43-
 Buckyball, C60  Sulfur dioxide, SO2
 Carbon dioxide, CO2  Sulfur trioxide, SO3

Crystal lattices
 Cesium chloride, CsCl  Salt, sodium chloride, NaCl
 Fluorite, calcium fluoride, CaF2  Zinc sulfide, ZnS
 Rutile, titanium dioxide, TiO2  Al, face-centered cubic

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