CNED 542 - Fall 1999                                                                                                            Ronald LaFrance, Ed.D.

Counselor Education Program                                                                                           Fitzelle Hall 521

SUNY - Oneonta                                                                                                                     Phone: 607-436-3711 office

Thursday 5-7:30 pm                                                                                                                                    433-1088 home                                                                                                                                                                  


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                1.             8/26//99 Introduction & Overview


                                                                “Alcohol”                                                                                    Chp. 1           Kinney


                                                                “Alcoholism”                                                                             Chp. 3           Kinney


                                                                “Etiology of Alcoholism”                                                         Chp. 4           Kinney


                                                                “The Disease and Adaptive Models of

                                                                Addiction: A Framework for Evaluation” by

                                                                Alexander                                                                                               Handout


                                                                 “Treatment Implications of Chemical Dependency

                                                                Models: An Integrative Approach” by Bower, Blow

                                                                And Beresford                                                                                      Handout


                                                                “Alcoholism Syndrome: Definitions & Models”                              Handout


                                                                VIDEO: The Disease Concept of Alcoholism


                2.             9/2/99     Alcoh olism: Signs, Symptoms & Stages


                                                                “Alcohol and the Body”                                                           Chp. 2          Kinney


                                                                “Medical Complications”                                                       Chp. 5           Kinney


                                                                “Behavior of the Alcoholic”                                                    Chp. 5           Kinney


                                                                 VIDEO: Medical Aspects of Alcoholism


                3.             9/9/99     Assessment & Treatment Planning


                                                                “Alcoholism”                                                                            Chp. 3           Kinney


                                                                “Treatment of Alcoholism                                                     Chp. 8            Kinney


                                                                “Treatment Techniques & App roaches”                            Chp. 9           Kinney


                                                                “Alcohol Use, Alcoholism and the Problems

                                                                of Treatment”                                                                           Chp. 1       Zinberg &                                                                                                                                                                                           Bean



                                                                “The Clinical Assessment & Diagnosis of

                                                                Addiction: Hypothesis Testing” by Schaffer &

                                                                Kaufman                                                                                                 Handout

                                                                                                                                                                          Bratter & Forrest


                4.             9/16/99  Alcoholics Anonymous


                                                                “A.A. & Psychotherapy” by Brown                                              Chp.         Brown


                                                                “The Folk Psychotherapy of A.A.” by Alibrandi                        Chp.      Zimberg


                                                                “The Fellowship of A.A.” by Alibrandi                                        Chp. 81   Pattison


“Support System Dynamics of Al-Anon & Alate en” 

                                                                                                       Chp.82   Pattison                                                                                                                                                   “Evaluating Alcoholics Anonymous” by Ogborne

                                                                 & Glaser                                                                      Handout    Bratter & Forrest


                5.             9/23/99  A Developmental Approach to Recovery                                                Part I          Brown


                6.             9/30/99  A Developmental Approach to Recovery                                                Part II         Brown


                7.             10/7/99          Individual Psychotherapy


                                                                “Princi ples of Alcoholism Psychotherapy”                             Chp. 1     Zimberg


                                                                “Working with the Preferred Defense Structure

                                                                Of the Recovering alcoholic”                                                    Chp. 2     Zimberg


                                                                “Critical Issues in alcoholism Psychotherapy”                     Chp. 3    Zimberg


                                                                “Individual Treatment of Substance Abusers in                      

                                                                Independent Practice” by Freudenberger


                                                                “Dangers of Psychotherapy in the Treatment of

                                                                Alcoholism” by Vailant                                                                         Handout


                8.             10/14/99                Individual Psychotherapy


                                                                “Psychodynamically Oriented Treatment of

                                                                Alcoholism & Substance Abuse” by Forrest                                    Handout



                                                                “Some Treatment implications of the Ego and

                                                                Self Disturbances i n Alcoholism” by Khantzian                             Handout


                                                               “Recovery Oriented Psychotherapy” by Zweban                             Handout


                                                                “Alcoholism, A.A., and the Governance of the

                                                                Self” by Mack                                                                                        Handout


                                                                “The Structure of Experience” by Ogden                                         Handout


                                                                “The Concept of Projective Identification”

                                                                by Ogden                                                                                               Handout


                                                                “Countertransference” by Slipp                                                        Handout


                                10/21/99                NO CLASS           


           9.                  10/28/99                Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics                                   Parts 1& 2   Brown


         10.                 11/4/99                  VIDEO: Shattered Spirits


         11.                 11/11/99                Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics                                    Part 3           Brown


         12.                 11/18/99                Family Therapy of Alcoholism          


                                                                “Effects of Alcohol Problems on the Family”                      Chp. 7          Kinney


                                                                “Treating the Family of the Alcoholic”                                  Chp. 8           Brown


                                                                Substance Abuse & Family Therapy by Kaufman                           Handout


                                                                 “A Review of Family Therapy Techniques

                                                                with Substance Abusers”                                                     Chp. 8         Kaufman


                                                                “Structural-Dynamic Family Th erapy Techniques

                                                                with Substance Abusers”                                                    Chp. 9          Kaufman


                                                                “Theory in the Practice of Psychotherapy” by

                                                                Bowen                                                                                                      Handout


“Family Therapy of Alcoholism” by Dulfano                     Chp. 8           Zimberg


                                11/25/99                 THANKSGIVING VACATION


          13.                12/2/99                 Treatment Perspectives for Women


                                                                “The Psychotherapy of Alcoholic Women” by

                                                                Tamerin                                                                                   Chp. 14         Zimberg


                                                                “Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Women: by

                                                                Wilsnack                                                                                 Chp. 57         Pattison


                                                                The Invisible alcoholics, Women and Abuse in

                                                                America by Sandmier, M. N.Y.: McGraw Hill,< /o:p>


                                                < /o:p>

                                                                Guest Speaker: Women’s Unit at Conifer Park

                                                                 Alcoholism Treatment Center, Scotia, NY     




          14.                12/9/99  A Multicultural Perspective in Alcoholism Treatment


                                                                 “Hispanics and Alcoholism: A Treatment Perspective”

                                                                By Oliver-Dias                                                                        Chp. 8        Ackerman



                                                                “The Wisdom of the Elders: Worki ng with Native

                                                                American & Native Alaskan Families” by Middleton-

                                                                Moss                                                                                      Chp. 6         Ackerman



                                                                “Alcoholism and the Black Family” by Caution              Chp. 7         Ackerman



                                                                “Counseling Native Americans” by Henrich                              Handout



“Religion, Spirituality and the Treatment of

                                                                Black Families” by Boyd-Franklin                                                  Handout  


                                                                VIDEO: For the Honor Of All - a film about

                                                                the process of individual and community

                                                                Recovery on a Native American Indian

                                                                Reservation in Cananda


                15.          12/16/99                Final Exam



           Required Reading:


Brown, S.  (1985) Treating the Alcoholic: A developmental model of   

                     recovery.  New York: Wiley & Sons


                                Brown, S.  (1998) Treating adult children of alcoholics: A developmental

                                            perspective.              New York: Wiley & Sons


                                Kinney, J., & Leaton, G.  (1987) Loosening the grip: A handbook of

                                                alcohol information.            St. Louis: Times Mirror/Mosby

                                                                College Publishing.


                                Zimberg, S., Wallace, J., & Blume, S.  (1978) Practical approaches to

                                                                alcoholism psychotherapy.  New York: Plenum Press






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