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About Dr. Cynthia A. Lassonde

Welcome to my webpage. I am an Assistant Professor at SUNY Oneonta. I teach literacy courses in the Elementary Education and Reading Department. In particular, currently I teach an undergraduate course called EDUC 284 The Development of Language and Literacy and a graduate course called EDUC 545 Content Reading and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom.

I came to SUNY Oneonta in the Fall of 2003. Prior to teaching at SUNY, I was an elementary school teacher for over twenty years. Over the years, I have taught special education, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade. While teaching, I worked on and completed two Master's in Education and my PhD. For more information about my academic background, see my vitae. I am a member of several professional organizations, such as NYSEC, NYSRA, IRA, NCTE, and NRC. I am also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Authentic Learning. My research interests currently focus on best practices for teaching at the college level.

On a more personal level, I am married and have three beautiful and intelligent daughters. Ann, Jill, and Kelly are at various stages of finishing up high school and going off to college. My husband of almost twenty years is self employed in the construction field. We live on a 100-acre farm in Schoharie, New York, where we have two Yorkies, chickens, and cats. For kicks, I like to run, garden, play racquetball, cross-country ski, snowshoe, and of course read and write. I have successfully completed seven 26.2-mile marathons and plan to continue doing one a year for as long as I am able. 

Contact Information

Contact me through my email at lassonc@oneonta.edu.

Office address: 501 Fitzelle Hall, SUNY Oneonta, Ravine Parkway, Oneonta, NY 13820

Office phone: (607) 436-2339

About the Journal of Authentic Learning

JAL is a peer-reviewed, online journal that provides a forum for dissemination of original ideas in research, practice, or theory of authentic learning and teaching. If you are interested in writing or reviewing for the journal, please contact me.

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The PALS website offers classroom activities related to the reading skills assessed in Section 4 of the Early Literacy Profile.

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Technology: New Literacies in the Classroom
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Writing: Links to information about teaching writing.
Webquest linked to NCTE position statements

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Class Outline Notes

EDUC 284 The Development of Language and Literacy

Week #1 
Foundations of Language and Literacy

Week #2 
Predictable Texts and Read Alouds 
More About Read Alouds
Jim Trelease's Read-Aloud Handbook

Week #3          
Facilitating the Development of Oral Language
The ELA Standards

Week #4
Guided Reading and The Beginnings of Reading and Writing

Week #5
Running Records! by Shawn Foster
Inquiry Group Workshops
What Is Inquiry?

Week #7  
Sample Lesson Plan for Guided Reading
Families as Partners in Literacy

Week #8
Writing Development and Instruction

Week #10
WebQuest: Teaching Early Reading and Writing    
WebQuests by Kacy Lopez
Four Blocks

Week #11
Writing Your Case Study
Sample case study #1
Sample case study #2

EDUC 545 Content Reading and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom
  Week #1 Overview
  Week #2 Content Area Literacy for Pre-K through Grade 6
  Week #4 Integrating Literacy into the Curriculum
  Week #6 Diversity

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