We came from different schools

We each brought something to the Battalion

We came away with so much more

Where are they now?

Thanks to COL Terry Bullington, and LTC Blanks, MAJ Bull, MAJ Harden, MAJ Carpenter, MAJ Haynes, and Terry Whitley, here is where they are: -warning this is very old-

From MAJ Dan Carpenter:

From Terry Whitley: I ran into Paul Batory.You might remember him from A Company 1988-91 time frame. He is now a S2 Observer Trainer at Leavenworth. He has had contact with MAJ Wayne Green who is attending CGSC. We will try to get him up on line also. Anyway drop him a line if you get a chance. We talked a little of 4-66AR's desert exploits.

From Kevin Millspaugh- I took the VSI early out incentive back in 1996 (but remain a MAJ in the IRR) and am really enjoying life as a consultant with KPMG here in
Dayton, OH. ( hopefully it will only be a short stay; 6 months to a year longer and then to the east coast, Norfolk, VA to be exact!) Business is booming with the Air
Force Material Command (AFMC) in the Logistics Reengineering
directorate. Believe it or not, the Air Force is one of the worst
Armed Services when it comes to Systems development, integration, and
implementation within DoD. Most of the work I do deals with supply
chain management, business process reengineering, and performance
measurement. SO
Life could not be better - Vicki and I have been married almost 4
years and have a beautiful 28 month old daughter, Kimberly Marie, and
a son due in June. When I attended the Naval Postgraduate School for my Masters in
Systems Acquisition Management, I bumped into Jaws and Gary McAndrews
who were also getting their Masters. That is the last close encounter
with 4-66 brethren I have had. 'Tis good to be back in the loop!!

Ed Reale is in the loop. Ed writes: Cherie and I are having a great time in the city. We have a really nice house on the Presidio with four boys to help enrich our lives. I work on Coast Guard Island at Joint Interagency Task Force West. Its a DOD counter Drug Task Force. Its a great job.
post date 4 AUG 98:
From SFC John Thompson:
Assigned from Dec 1983 thru Aug 1991 as a turret mechanic, senior turret
mechanic for Charlie, shop foreman for Bravo and maint supervisor for Alpha
during desert storm. I am currently SFC (P) John P. Thompson, NCOIC 409th BSB
S-4 Vilseck Germany. I left A-burg in 91 and was reassigned to FT. Knox as senior maint instructor for the prototype M1A2 tank, during which time LTC Slater was the Sqdn Commander.CSM Jack Jones was the regimental CSM and retired to a ROTC position in Louisville Ky.
Delta Company 1sg Walker was assigned to the NET team but last time I spoke to
him he was assigned to 2nd Tank Korea. Sfc Paul Carbonnel, Bravo maint supervisor, was assigned to 2nd Tank, Korea but made the CSM list and is most likely at Ft. Bliss, Tx.
SFC Mike Peterson, BN Motor Sargeant thru the mid 80's is running the self
help section Vilseck, Germany and in Nov will retire from active duty
Lt Mcandrews HHC XO currently serving as Major Mcandrews, 1st Sqdn, 16th Cav
XO,Ft.Knox, Ky. CSM Weber is assigned to the 1st Armored Training Brigade, Ft. Knox
The following personnel retired in the Radcliff area.
BN Maint Tech CW3 Brown
HHC motor sargeant SFC Hodge

SFC Bretch HHC Motor sergeant, is now MSG Bretch with 1st I.D MAIT Team,
Wurzburg. Sgt Mike Bush Bandit Maint is a Federal corrections officer in Portege Wis
1st LT Scott King BN BMO now Cpt King was the Abrams Project Manager, Tank Automotive Command, he's still married to his native A-burg wife.