Chemistry 214 Fact Sheet

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Last Revised Aug. 3, 2004

Chemistry 214
Environmental Chemistry
Fact Sheet

The prerequisite for Chemistry 214 is Chem 111-112 or its equivalent. If you have not completed these prerequisites, consult the instructor to determine whether or not you should continue in this course.


If you must miss an hour examination because of circumstances beyond your control, please inform the instructor immediately. A make-up examination will be arranged as soon as possible after original test, usually the date will be determined during the next lecture period. In order to take the make-up test you must have a verifiable excuse, i.e. a note from a local doctor, a treatment at the Health Center, etc.

The textbook is a set of lecture notes that will be distributed at the beginning of the course.
On some of the examinations, you will be required to use an inexpensive electronic calculator.


The basis for your grade will be
Two hour tests (100 pts. each) 200
Comprehensive final examination 100 or 200 pts.
Maximum total points 300 or 400 pts.

The grade cut-offs (on a percentage basis) will be
Grade Grade Range Grade Grade Range
A 90.0 to 100% C- 67.0 to 69.9%
A- 87.0 to 89.9 D+ 64.0 to 66.9
B+ 84.0 to 86.9 D 60.0 to 63.9
B 80.0 to 83.9 D- 57.0 to 59.9
B- 77.0 to 79.9 B- E below 57
C+ 74.0 to 76.9    
C 70.0 to 73.9    

Although it will probably not be necessary, the instructor reserves the right to lower these cut-offs for the class if, in his opinion, it should appear to be advisable.


Attendance will be taken regularly, and these records, in combination with grades on lecture quizzes and/or homework, will be used to determine whether or not to give the higher grade to students who are on the borderline below a grade cutoff.


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