Tentative Chemistry 214 Lecture Schedule

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Last Revised August, 2005

Chemistry 214
Environmental Chemistry
Tentative Lecture Schedule

 Dr. H.E. Pence  Fall 2005
Text Environmental Chemistry Lecture Notes, Harry E. Pence
 Date  Topic  Reading assignment


 Aug. 25, 30, Sept. 1  The Normal Atmosphere, Gas Concentration Units, Photochemistry, Upper Atmosphere Chemistry, Chapman Reactions Chap. 2
 Sept. 6  Ozone Depletion by Chlorofluorocarbons Chap. 2
 Sept. 8, 13, 15  Climate, Particulates, and Greenhouse Gases Chap. 3
 Sept. 20, 22  Tropospheric Chemistry I - Sulfur Oxides and Acid Deposition Chap. 4
Sept. 27 Air Pollution Technologies Chap. 5

The FIRST HOUR EXAMINATION will be held on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2005 and will cover the above material.

 Sept. 29, Oct. 6,11  Tropospheric Chemistry II -Automotive Pollution, Nitrogen Oxides, and Photochemical Smog  6 & 7
 Oct. 18  Properties of Pure Water 8
 Oct. 20,25,27  Ions in Aqueous Solution : HSAB Theory, Oxalation, and Activities 9
Nov. 1 Colloids 9

The Second HOUR EXAMINATION will be held on Nov. 3, 2005 and will cover the above material.

Nov. 8,10  Dissolved Gases I - Henry's Law and Dissolved Oxygen (DO, BOD, COD, TOD, and TOC) 10
Nov. 15  Dissolved Gases II - Carbon Dioxide 11
Nov. 17, 29 Metals in Natural Waters: Hard Water and Detergents 13
Dec. 1 Aquatic Redox Conditions and Iron Cycling 12
Dec. 6, 8 Chlorination and Waste Water Treatment 14

The FINAL EXAMINATION will held at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2004.

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