Tentative Chemistry 315 Lecture Schedule

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Last Revised Jan. 23, 2004

Chemistry 214
Environmental Health Chemistry
Tentative Lecture Schedule

  Dr. H.E. Pence    Spring 2004
Text Donald G. Crosby, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Handout Text
 Date  Topic  Reading assignment  Reading assignment
 Jan. 22,27, 29  Basic Principles of Toxicology (Dose-exposure curves, agonist interactions, Tolerance, extrapolation to low doses, establishing allowed exposure levels) Unit 2 Chap. 8
Feb. 3,5  Modes of exposure and other reasons for response variation Unit 3  
Feb. 10  Calculating exposure limits   Chap. 10
Feb. 12, 17, 19  Laboratory safety - sources of information on chemicals hazards (RTECS, Betherick, Saxe, etc.)   Chap. 3

The FIRST HOUR EXAMINATION will be held on Feb. 24, 2004 and will cover the above material.
Feb. 26, Mar. 9  Laboratory safety (cont.) spill control, glove selection, fire hazards    
Mar. 11, 16  Pharmacokinetics: (One-compartment models, chronic exposure, plateau principle)  
Mar. 18  Toxicology testing  
Mar. 23, 25 Epidemiology (including environmental epidemiology) Unit 5  
The Second HOUR EXAMINATION will be held on Mar. 30, 2004 and will cover the above material.
Apr. 1, 13,15 Chemical carcinogens and mutagens Unit 6 Chap. 11
Apr. 20, 22, 27 Reproductive Toxicology and teratology Unit 7 Chap. 11
April 29, May 4 Environmental Transport and transformation Unit 8 Chap. 4, 5. 6
May 6, 11 Groundwater pollution, spill response, and remediation    

The FINAL EXAMINATION will held at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2004.

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