Basic Course Requirements

Chemistry 398- Senior Seminar, Spring, 1999

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Chemistry 398

Senior Seminar Requirements

Spring 1999

Prerequisite: This course is designed for senior chemis try majors. This course is intended to provide a transition to your professional career in chemistry. It will focus on methods of chemical communication, including how to look for and present information.


(1) You must attend all meetings of the seminar class.

(2) You must write and personal employment resume, which will be due on March 1, 1999. This will also be posted on the class web site.

(3) You must use PowerPoint software to present an oral report b ased on a paper in a chemistry research journal. This presentation should be 20 to 25 minutes long and should include the background to the topic as well as a description of what is reported in the specific paper you have selected. Send the title of the paper to me by electronic mail on or before March 1, 1999. You must also present the final talk to me or one of the other chemistry faculty members a week before the classroom presentation.

(4) You will also be required to participate in a class proj ect to develop a site on the World Wide Web.

(5) You should attend any departmental seminars held this semester and you may be asked to turn in a one-page summary of one of these talks.

(6) Please bring your the lap-top computer to each class and keep track of how you use it in this class as well as the other classes that you are taking. At the end of the semester, please turn in a short description of what you have done with the lap-top.

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