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This set of tutorial lessons is intended to offer some advice on how to best use presentation software and other multimedia applications in the classroom. It represents the opinions of the author, but these techniques have proven to be very successful during a number of years of use.

Tutorial #1: Why Use Presentation Software.

Tutorial #2: Setting the Stage.

Tutorial #3: Catching the Students' Eyes.

Tutorial #4: Using Images.

Tutorial #5: Using Color - Part I

Tutorial #6: Using Color - Part II - User Friendly Presentations for those with limited color vision.

Additional Material

The combination of presentation software and cooperative learning is particularly advantageous. If you wish to pursue this option you might try the following article.PowerPoint and Cooperative Learning: an Ideal Instructional Combination, presented at the Microsoft On-line Technology Colloquium, July, 1997

The Alchemist's Lair also includes several other sites that you may find to be useful, such as a bibliography of references on using multimedia for teaching, and Searching for Images on the WWW . Since images are a key component of the use of multimedia and presentation software in the classroom, and this page describes how to look for chemical images on the World Wide Web, using a combination of regular search engines in addition to specialized engines that search only for images.


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