Nanochemistry in the Undergraduate Curriculum

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"Nanochemistry in the Undergraduate Curriculum. "

Synopsis of a Symposium to be held at the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Meeting in binghamton, NY on Oct. 5-7, 2006.

Joseph Chiang (SUNY Oneonta) and Harry E. Pence (SUNY Oneonta), co-organizers

Symposium Description:

Recent advances in nanochemistry are some of the most exciting and potentially useful developments in chemistry in decades.  Hundreds of products are already on the market that are (or claim to be) based on nanochemistry.  Nanochemistry has relevance in any of the five major areas of chemistry, so this topic may be introduced into existing courses or some colleges may choose to specialized nanochemistry courses.  This symposium will focus on the question “What topics in nanochemistry should be taught at the undergraduate level, and which courses are most appropriate for the addition of these topics?”

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