Cooperative Learning in Chemistry

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Some Suggestions for Cooperative Learning

PowerPoint and Cooperative Learning: an Ideal Instructional Combination, presented at the Microsoft On-line Technology Colloquium, July, 1997

A number of chemistry professors have written articles about the use of cooperative learning, including Elisabeth T. Bell-Loncella. Susan C. Nurrenbern and William R. Robinson have created a bibliography of hard-copy articles on cooperative learning in chemistry.

URLs for Other Cooperative Learning Sites

If any single site can be identified as the source of the current enthusiasm for active learning, it may well be The Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota. The co-directors of the center, Roger T. Johnson and David W. Johnson, have written widely in this area and have also created an excellent web site, which includes articles, newsletters, and other valuable information.

The Resources in Science and Engineering Education, authored by Richard Felder, a Professor of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University, is another good source of tips and information. Note especially the copies of his columns, entitled "Random Thoughts."

The National Institute for Science Education is another site that offers many resources, as is the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at Illinois State University.

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