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The following programs were written in Visual Basic for the Windows operating system. I have written and used them under Windows XP, but have no direct knowledge of how they run under Windows Vista or Windows 7.


After downloading the appropriate ZIP file below, you will need to “unzip” the ZIP file and run the file ‘setup.exe’


If you have any problems or questions, e-mail me at




Description: Description: RMET.gif  RMET 5.0


RMET = R matrix from METric traits. This program performs an R matrix analysis on metric (quantitative) traits, producing estimates of Fst, genetic distance, and other relevant tests and statistics. To learn more about the R matrix, see:


            Relethford JH, Blangero J (1990) Detection of differential gene flow from patterns of quantitative variation. Human Biology 63:629–641.


            Relethford JH, Crawford MH, Blangero J (1997) Genetic drift and gene flow in post-famine Ireland. Human Biology 69:443–465.


Click here to download RMET 5.0


NOTE: If you are running Windows 7 and can’t access the help files, you need to install the 32 bit help file program. See information at: 

Although I have been able to run RMET on Windows 10, so far there is no replacement program to run the old 32 bit help file program. Sorry about that. Instead, I have put the help file (including data format instructions) in a PDF file. Click here to access this PDF.


NOTE: If you are having trouble running the program under Windows 7, do the following:


Right-click the RMET icon

Click on Properties

Click on the Shortcut tab

Click on the Advanced button

Select the box marked "Run as Administrator"

Click OK

Click OK




Description: Description: MICRO.gif MICRO 3.1


This program simulates evolutionary forces. Modules include a test for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, and simulation of natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow, as well as two modules that simulate two forces at the same time (natural selection and drift, and gene flow and drift).


Click here to download MICRO 3.1